My life in the last year. Yeah, it kinda sucks. A lot.
  1. Being friends works out so well for us!
  2. No, no it doesn't. It is totally weird.
    Maybe we should talk about it?
  3. I miss him so much and want to be so much more than friends.
    And I'm sure he still does too.
  4. Damnit, no! He's an idiot and an asshole and I deserve so much better.
    I shouldn't even talk to him at all.
  5. Okay, maybe it's not his fault. We both let our chance pass.
    We wouldn't have worked out either way because we're too different. So it's maybe a good thing that we were never more than friends?
  6. No it's not. We threw away a good chance to be a couple. And we would've been a good one.
    But we let the chance pass (or rather: threw it away) and it is definetly gone now. So being friends is good.
  7. See Nr 1.