These two people sit down behind me, start talking in English. He has a small east European or Russian accent (I'm not so sure), she speaks perfect English.
  1. Her: It was always my dream to be a tree.
  2. Him: For birds to shit on you and animals to pee at your feet?
  3. Her: You know what? I'll just stick with being human. I like being human.
  4. Later on...
  5. Him: If I marry an Australian girl, will I get...
    (Sorry, I didn't get what he was asking about. But she apperntly did.)
  6. Her: Sure!
    I feel like he is nodding behind my back.
  7. A quick moment of silence.
  8. Her: You know, I'm Australian..?
  9. Him: Oh, well. (Small laughter) Actually I already had a girl in mind.
  10. Her: Okay. (Small pause) Awwwkward.
  11. Later on...
  12. Him: Will you go?
    I missed the start of what they're talking about because I thought about writing this list, but I guess about a party.
  13. Her: I'll go if you go.
  14. Him: Oh, that's so sweet of you! Then will you go?
  15. Her: Will you?
  16. Him: Well, yes, I think so.
  17. Her: Then I won't go. I definetly won't go then.
  18. Him: I knew you'd say that.
  19. (Laughter)
  20. Later on...
  21. Him: Where are we? What station is this?
  22. Her: That would be good to know...