Inspired by @bookishclaire
  1. I graduated from High School. 🎉
    But I kinda miss it already.
  2. I turned 18.
    I still don't feel grown up though. Or able to cope with all those things and problems an adult has to cope with...
  3. I finished writing the story, I would have never thought to finish one day.
  4. I've been to Venice.
    I loved it and definitely want to return to visit Libreria Acqua Alta.
  5. I had my first job.
    It was a holiday employment for to weeks in summer in France. I was paid for playing with children all day. I loved it.
  6. I did an internship that made me realize how much I'd love being a journalist one day.
  7. I've been to Disneyland for the first time.
    And definetely not the last time.
  8. I met Kerstin Gier.
    She's as fun as her books.
  9. I did not meet John Green.
    My best friend won two tickets for a fanevent in Berlin and asked me to come with her. I really wanted to, but my parents wouldn't allow me to. 😕
  10. I've been to Shakespeare and Company.
    I'm definetely going back there next time I'm in Paris. And I want to visit The Abbey Bookshop. And do all those amazing things @Lisa_Fav suggested in her lists.
  11. I discovered The List App.