And I was like: "Where do you live? On the dark side of the moon?" These are just a few of them, but it's those I remember most.
  1. "Isn't Monaco a city in the US?"
    There was something about Monaco on TV and she asked me why the people there spoke french. "Of course they do?" - "But why? Isn't Monaco a city in th US?"
  2. "I never heard of ______." (Insert any author you love)
    I have to admit that she just got into reading. But still...
  3. "I haven't seen Frozen yet."
    She said so THIS summer. How is that even possible??
  4. "I mixed up China and Russia in my Geography Test."
    Even though I have to admit that the map WAS weird. But... China and the US? How can Asia and North America look anything alike?
  5. When I found grammar faults in her essay for philosophy class.
    She wrote it in French. She's French, I'm German. Am I the only one who thinks that there's something wrong here??
  6. "I have never been to Disneyland."
    You live in PARIS! How can this be real?
  7. But you know I love you, @Magalie .