1. I've been in Paris again.
  2. The first two hours I spent bookshopping and retracing my steps from last week to find that amazing store again I discovered last week.
    I actually did! Yay me! And I bought a cart and a little birthday present for a friend of mine. Oh, and as a book I bought "Will Grayson Will Grayson" by John Green and David Levithan at Shakespeare and Company and I ordered "The trials of Apollo" by Rick Riordan.
  3. Then I went to Les Halles because I needed a new swimsuit and that was the first place that came to my mind. I know, I'm horrible.
    I would have preferred going shopping in that mall where I usually go with Mag. But that's not in Paris.
  4. I ended up buying a Moleskine Paris Holiday Notebook. Or whatever that's called.
    Might be a little cliché and I'm a little angry with myself for not buying it in Germany where I would've paid five euros less. But I needed a notebook where I can write down all my favorite places. And I don't think I could've done better than Moleskine.
  5. For the swimsuit I ended up taking the Metro to Madelaine to go to Decathlon.
    And yes I found one!
  6. Then I took the Metro back to Les Halles because I noticed a small market close to it earlier.
  7. I got myself a Galette for lunch/dinner and ate it close to a Fountain where there's currently a huge football attached to it...?
    Sorry, I can't remember what the place was called.
  8. A guy with a guitar installed himself and played for around one and a half hours.
    I stayed there, reading my book and listening to him. He was actually really good! And I really had that feeling @Lisa_Fav Describes in one of her Paris lists: "watching a guy play guitar as if he doesn't know he's a jot man playing guitar." He's got a youtube channel, too. If you want to, go check him out. https://m.youtube.com/user/paulwaysmusic
  9. The last song he played was "Wake me up when it's all over " by Avicii which almost made me tear up.
    It was our graduation song and we all sang it together at prom. It was the last time I saw all of my classmates and even though I didn't like all of them and never liked that song before, now it simply reminds me of how much of a great time I had in High School and I love that.
  10. Now I'm back home and I can continue reading or writing and I just feel like everything is perfect right now.
  11. So my day's almost over but yours has just started, hasn't it?
  12. I wish you all have a perfect day today, just like I did!
  13. 😘