Top 5 German books 📚

Great request, thanks @carlastern ! But honestly, I can't narrow it down to only five books, I'm sorry. But I can narrow it down to 2 authors and the books that made me love them and three additional books by other authors. There are a lot more that I loved and I can't talk about all of them, so I stuck to Fantasy books. I hope that's okay.
  1. Kai Meyer
    One of my absolute favorites! I've already been to three readings with him and I was never disappointed! I like his writing style and the stories he creates. It's mostly YA / Kids Fantasy, but he also wrote some historical novels and Fantasy books for adults. And he's really nice, funny and easy to talk to. I discovered him through his "Dark Reflection" Trilogy (the first book is called "The Water Mirror" and set in Venice), but I read the "Arcadia" Trilogy more often.
  2. Kerstin Gier
    I love love love her "Ruby Red" Trilogy! It's my go to book series when I had a nightmare and can't fall back asleep. I've also been to a reading of her once and she actually is just as funny as her books. She writes YA Fantasy and novels for adults. Plus: I think she is obsessed with the Lord of the Rings bacause in every book I ever read by her, there's a TLOTR reference. And go google her "Silver" Trilogy. The American covers are soooooo beautiful! #coverlover
  3. Spiel der Schatten by Michael Peinkofer
    Set in 1886, London, and including passages of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", this book is perfect. Plus, I love the cover and the author, whom I met on two readings, is really funny and nice. He's mostly known for his big Fantasy series "Die Orks" but this book is just perfect.
  4. Aeara - The Return of the Ancient Gods by Markus Heitz
    All of the gods mankind ever believed in return in 2012. All of them - except the "big three": the God of the Christians, Jahwe and Allah. The hero of the story: Malleus Bourreau, an atheist. The natrator: a serial killer that follows him everywhere. Plus: Markus Heitz is the funniest of our big German Fantasy Authors (Kai Meyer, Michael Peinkofer, Bernhard Hennen and him - I can say that because I've seen all of them at readings interacting with each other.)
  5. Das Auge der Fatima by Franziska Wulf
    It's the third volume of a trilogy, but it was the first book I read and it is great. It's adult Fantasy about Time travel and I loooove it.
  6. Honorable mention: Cornelia Funke
    She's like the one german author that should jump right to anyone's mind when thinking about YA/children Fantasy. It's just that I never really connected to her books - I didn't even finish reading the third book of the "Ink"-Trilogy. But she is great. Just not one of my favorites.