Thanks for the request @nathanveshecco !!
  1. I love how it is like a good book:
  2. It tells more than one story
    The one the author intended you to hear (read) and the one you always remember when listening (reading) to it again
  3. It comforts you like a good friend
    It allows you to cry, to be angry, to be happy, it gives you the best pep talk.
  4. It creates images in your mind that you'd never had thought of on your own
  5. You can enjoy it on your own or together with other people
  6. It immediately creates a bond between total strangers if they feel the same way about it
  7. It makes you feel like you can be more than the person you are right now
  8. It helps you fall asleep
  9. It wakes you up/keeps you awake
  10. It can make a rainy day sunny.
  11. A life without it would be possible but boring.
  12. I love 🎤🎧🎼
    And books 📚
  13. 💞