Yes, I'm 19. But please remember that I'm in Germany and therefore it would be legal for me to drink since the age of 16. Starting with the most common.
  1. Why that?
    Most of the time I just answer with a shrug, sometimes I say "I simply don't like the taste."
  2. Err... Okay?
    And then they usually look at me like I'm crazy for a moment before moving on to the next person and not knowing what to say to me for the rest of the evening.
  3. What? So, you're the driver?
    Is that really the only explanation you can think of?
  4. Oh, okay. Did you have a bad experience?
    No. I never even drank half a glass of alcohol. A sip, maybe, here and there, to show that I'm polite enough to try. I never liked it. And sometimes I already feel sick just by the smell.
  5. You can always make an exception!
    Often even grabbing my glass to fill it, that I sometimes can't get back fast enough, so I have to hand it over to the friend who's there with me.
  6. That's weird.
    Yeah, I know. Thanks for your input.
  7. Wow, that's brave. I don't think that I could do that.
    1) It's not brave. I just really don't like it. 2) Sometimes they mean it as a compliment. Sometimes this is followed with a question like "How do you party then?"
  8. Oh, okay. That's cool. What do you want then?
    Thank the Lord. Someone is simply accepting it. I'll have a Coke please.