1. For a long time I called my grandma just "O".
    German children usually call their grandma "Oma" but for some reason I couldn't pronounce this as a toddler. First, I called my grandpa "Opa" (which is correct" and my grandma "Opa-mama", but then I started calling her just O.
  2. Then, one time on our way to my grandparents, I started yelling "Oma! Oma!" enthusiastically.
    Arriving at their place, my grandma opening the door, first thing I do: yell "Opa!"
  3. Peeing my pants while at the zoo. Twice.
    My Dad and I entered the goat cage to pet them (you were allowed to do that) and apparently all the goats (or at least some of them) put their front hooves on his legs (he was still standing). Maybe he had something to feed to them in his hands, I don't know, but the picture apparently made me laugh so hard, I peed my pants. Luckily, my mother had another pair with her - just in case. But the goats still tried to climb onto my father - I laughed again and peed the new pants as well.
  4. Handing my pacifier to Saint Nicholas when I thought I didn't need it anymore.
    He was visiting our house and all the neighbors kids were there too, like each year, and apparently I stood up, walked up to him, gave him my pacifier, even said something to him and then sat back down. I didn't notice it was my aunt, disguised as Saint Nicholas. And I never needed my pacifier again.
  5. Singing "Frère Jacques" while walking home with our french friends to show them how good I was at it.
    It was a thirty minute walk. People still laugh about it. But hey, I'm still proud of it! I was like five and could already sing a while song in a foreign language! I think that's pretty good.