1. That I haven't listed in a couple of weeks even though I PROMISED to do so and still love this place
    I just kinda tend to forget??? Help please?
  2. All of the homework I need to do
  3. That I should start looking for an apartment in Metz for next year
  4. That I have absolutely no idea how to do that
  5. That I should probably start working on that presentation that's due in two weeks
  6. That I'm very behind in all of my classes
  7. That I should kinda really urgently look into where and how I can get money for my study - year abroad
  8. That even just thinking about that gives me a headache
  9. How it is possible that he is still a recurrent topic in my journal/mind/conversations
  10. How I hate that because I'm not sure what it means
  11. The next blog post I have to write
  12. That I should probably kick my beta-readers asses because they didn't get back to me on the last chapter I sent them
  13. That I should have a couple of more chapters finished if I want to do that
  14. Exams, even though they're not before the end of July
  15. That I spent way too much money in May
  16. That I need to organize my summer
  17. That I kinda want to go home for the weekend in three weeks
  18. Because a) I've got a four day weekend there and b) I miss the lake c) we should probably talk
  19. But on the other hand I'll have to prepare a presentation that weekend and we'd have to talk
  20. And I'm so unsure about what would be the outcome of this
  21. That I still have to find a weekend to visit @theworldofann
  22. That my TBR pile is growing
  23. That I feel unable to cope with all of this even though I'm trying my best and even though I know that other people go through much worse and all of my university friends have to face the same confusing bureaucracy
  24. It is just so MUCH
  25. And I'm sure I forgot a lot here...
  26. I'm just so tired right now 😓