What's on my walls?

Wasn't this a title wave a couple of months ago? I can't remember. But since I moved in October but only now feel like my apartment is complete (mostly), I felt like this would be a good topic.
  1. I got this beautiful Mary Poppins clock for Christmas from my aunt and she got it from Etsy (where else). I love it.
    The post card in the picture frame says: "Won't you finally grow up!" - "Why should I?" (That's not a word by word translation at all, but oh well.)
  2. These Disney Princesses I got from Etsy and printed them out. I added the black frames and voila: the wall over my bed is decorated.
  3. This beautiful canvas I got from @Magalie for my 19th birthday.
    It reminded her of Pretty little liars - which is a favorite show of both of us. Don't tell anyone!
  4. This handmade calendar with pictures of my little wizard Merlin (mostly) was my Christmas present from @nelly_amy and hangs right beside the window in front of my desk.
  5. Okay, this technically isn't my wall, but I like it so I feel like sharing it. I cut out the covers of extracts of books I want to read one day, added my autograph cards to the mix and decorated the side of my bookshelf with it.
  6. This is probably my favorite thing on my walls: a light net over my couch. On it I pin my favorite photos and memories.
    It's pretty empty because most of that stuff is at home with my parents, but I still love it. It's like a sky full of stars in my room.
  7. Bonus: this amazing lamp that I got for our 15-years-of-friendship anniversary from Magalie.
    Everyone who sees it is always like: That's so cool! Is that a picture of you on it? Well, duh. It looks like me, doesn't it? But they're right: it is pretty cool.