1. Underground Wellness
    Amazing interviews from brilliant doctors, chefs and bio-hackers. Binge-pod all episodes since the podcast recently wrapped up. Can't wait to see what host Sean Croxton does next. Cool guy.
  2. Tim Ferris Show
    Four hour podcast. Not really, but should be. It's that good. A wide spectrum of topics, guests and killer show notes. I suggest skipping past the first 4 minutes of shameless ads that start each episode, but after that... pure gold!
  3. Bulletproof Executive
    Deep dive into bio-hacks, lifestyle hacking, fitness, and nutrition. Light on the "executive" part of the title. Mostly, Dave Asprey has influenced my coffee drinking ;)
  4. Nerdist
    Chris Hardwick is always good for a laugh, esoteric sci-fi trivia, shop talk, and huge guests. Basically, he's the man and this podcast is a must.
  5. Save It For the Show
    Dan and Eddy talk about a lot of funny, lewd, weird, and honest subjects about everything. No topic is off-limits.