Bad Habits

  1. Not Sticking to a Daily Routine
    I have a list on my whiteboard of daily things that I want to do to be a better person: read, write, practice music, make art, and exercise. Which of these have I stuck to the past few months? NONE OF THEM HAHAHA
  2. Waking up Late
    It feels awful to start the day off at 12 p.m., not to mention it sets a terrible precedent for work life - and yet I do it anyways. It's partially because I stay up late, but also just because I can't stand moving from my bed unless it's absolutely necessary. (I'm sitting in my bed doing this at 3:40 pm, without having eaten anything yet atm)
  3. Staying up Late
    Do I really need to stay up watching TV, even though I could totally watch the same episode tomorrow, at a reasonable hour? Apparently, yes.
  4. Internet
    Facebook-Tumblr-Facebook-Tumblr, etc, etc, is a concise summary of what I do on the Internet. With all the time spent on there, I could probably accomplish more things on my aforementioned daily schedule, but nope. It's probably ruining my attention span, too.
  5. E-Stalking People
    On one hand, stalking successful people on Facebook and LinkedIn is a good way to discover the resources they used to become successful. On the other hand, it tends to make me feel all suck. Comparing self-worth based on achievements, when everyone has a different metric of success, is not a healthy route, dude.
  6. Self-control
    If there's a giant bag of chocolate next to me, I'm gonna eat the entire thing. The. Entire. Thing. Even if I know I'm going to feel awful afterwards, I'm gonna do it.
  7. Cursory Reading/Listening
    I really need to pay more attention and ask more questions when reading, instead of skimming pages and articles. I feel like that would help me retain information, understand the world around me better, as well as help me empathize better. Same goes for verbal communication.
  8. Not Showering
    I'm a stinky mess. But better than when I was younger, when I wouldn't shower for a literal month.
  9. Poor Communication
    Should I try to communicate with people better on a regular basis? Hahahahaha nope people are dumb
  10. Procrastination
    I'm a college student, so really, what do you expect. Actually, though, this is surprisingly not a terrible problem for me - I don't do my homework right away, but I do my homework relatively early most of the time, and I don't pull all-nighters or miss deadlines.
  11. Not Doing Thing
    Go out and do the goddamn thing, dammit.