Goodbye, House

My landlord sold the duplex where I live. The new owner wants to move in, so I'm outta here. I have loved this tiny home, and I want to remember everything about it. So this list is mostly for me, I guess.
  1. The morning light in the bedroom is 💯
  2. My grandfather made the ladder bookshelf by the bed. You can't see it well, but that navy chair in the corner is one of my favorite places to sit and read
  3. Doorway to downstairs
    And a view of the ancient furnace that I actually used last night as Dallas experienced the rare April cold snap. Every time I light that thing I'm afraid I might burn the house down.
  4. Living Room
    My grandfather made the coffee table and bookshelf on the left.
  5. View from the couch
  6. Little craft table / dining table for one
    A coworker gave me the base, and my grandfather made the top. I might ask him to make a bigger top for it when I have a bigger space. But this one fits perfectly in here.
  7. Side table made from a printer's tray that I didn't capture in the initial pic
    This list is rapidly turning into a story about how my grandfather is a talented wood worker. This one was a Christmas gift during college.
  8. Cozy kitchen
    Making coffee this morning
  9. Tiny fridge
    This list has become tedious but I honestly do not care.
  10. Honeysuckle out front; tough to catch via iPhone
    I wish this picture looked even half as good as it smells
  11. The ladybugs!
    They come to live in my bedroom every February. It is a bizarre and unbelievably charming winter ritual.
  12. They show up during the last week of January, and make their way back outside by early March.
    I can usually find three or four at a time on a given February day. I once counted seven tiny roommates roaming around in here.
  13. It always made this place feel a little magical.
    It's weird to think that had I found any other bug in my home with this frequency I probably would have lost my mind and called an exterminator.
  14. The neighborhood
    Oak Cliff is an older neighborhood, which are rare in Dallas since this city tends to level anything that is older than we are. It's an interesting mix of very wealthy and very not. It's got the best hills for runs and the best views of downtown. It's changed a lot just during the 3.5 years I've lived here.
  15. The backyard, mostly occupied by the stairs to my back door.
    But it used to be so gross and overgrown back here! I pulled all the weeds up and put down this crushed rock. I added some potted plants but I guess I never took a picture of those. I didn't plant anything this year because of the move.
  16. I'm feeling very nostalgic about leaving, now that the packing has started in earnest.
    I'm having foot surgery in a few weeks and storing my stuff to stay with family until I can walk and drive again. Hopefully by late summer.
  17. I don't know what's next but I'll always be grateful for this little house and the life I got to live in it.