Things you never want to hear on your frequency if you're an air traffic controller.

Some of this may be lost in translation.
  1. "Blocked"
    Said by pilots who THINK the last transmission was "stepped on" by another pilot.
  2. "Folks, this is Captain Steve, from the flight deck. We'll be cruising at 35,000 feet today. The weather in Phillly is a sunny 70 nauseam."
    The in flight passenger briefing can go on FOREVER. This usually occurs during the busiest time of he day.
  3. Pilot: "Center, this is N34F." Me: "N34F, go ahead." Pilot: "Center, this is N34F." Me: "N34F, GO AHEAD."
    Again, this happens during the busiest time of the day. Normally after Captain Steve keys up the wrong microphone.
  4. Me: "USA344, VFR traffic, twelve o'clock and five miles. Altitude indicates one one thousand five hundred. Amend your altitude, maintain one one thousand." USAir: "Center we're leaving one one thousand." Me: "Roger. Fly heading one five zero." USAir: silence.
    I guess this job is really stressful.