The movies I've seen in 2016.
  1. Slow West directed by John Maclean, 2015
    Watched Jan. 2.
  2. The Big Short directed by Adam McKay, 2015
    Watched Jan. 6.
  3. The Hateful 8 directed by Quentin Tarintino
    Watched Jan. 7.
  4. Legend directed by Brian Helgeland
    Watched Jan. 9.
  5. Creed directed by Ryan Coogler
    Watched Jan. 10.
  6. Burnt directed by John Wells
    Watched January 24.
  7. Ex Machina directed by Alex Garland
    Watched January 31.
  8. Oblivion directed by Joseph Kosinski
    Watched Jan. 7
  9. Miller's Crossing by Coen Brothers
    Watched February 12.
  10. Tangerine directed by Sean Baker
    Watched February 13.
  11. People, Places, Things directed by Jim Strouse
    Watched February 14.
  12. Sleeping With Other People directed by Lesyle Headland
    Watched February 14.
  13. Digging For Fire directed by Joe Swanberg
    Watched February 14.
  14. Hail, Caesar directed by Coen Brothers
    Watched February 16.
  15. White House Down directed by Roland Emmerich
    Watched February 21
  16. Deadpool directed by Tim Miller
    Watched February 23.
  17. Three Kings directed by David O. Russell
    Watched February 28.
  18. The Trip directed by Michael Winterbottom
    Watched February 28.
  19. Sicario directed by Denis Villeneuve
    Watched March 6
  20. Muscle Shoals directed by Greg Camalier
    Watched March 13.
  21. City of Gold directed by Laura Gabbert
    Watched March 24.
  22. Lord of War directed by Andrew Niccol
    Watched March 26
  23. Forgetting Sarah Marshall directed by Nicholas Stoller
    Watched March 27
  24. Force Majeure directed by Ruben Östlund
    Watched March 27
  25. I Give It A Year directed by Dan Mazer
    Watched April 2
  26. The Intern directed by Nancy Meyers
    Watched April 3
  27. A Most Violent Year directed by J.C. Chandor
    Watched April 22
  28. Magic Mike XXL
    Gregory Jacobs
  29. Oceans Eleven directed by Steven Soderbergh
    Watched May 14
  30. Ocean Twelve directed Steven Soderbergh
    Watched May 14
  31. Oceans Thirteen directed by Steven Soderbergh
    Watched May 15
  32. Black Hawk Down directed by Ridley Scott
    Watched May 22
  33. Monuments Men directed by George Clooney
    Watched May 22
  34. The Nice Guys directed by Shane Black
    Watched May 24; September 4
  35. The Place Beyond The Pines directed by Derek Cianfrance
    Watched June 18
  36. Now You See Me directed by
    Watched June 18
  37. Zootopia directed by Walt Disney
    Watched July 6
  38. Inherent Vice directed by Paul Thomas Anderson
    Watched July 9
  39. Drug War directed by Johnnie To
    Watched July 10
  40. Attack the Block directed by Joe Cornish
    Watched July 11
  41. Sisters directed by Jason Moore
    Watched July 11
  42. Batman vs. superman directed by Zach Snyder
    Watched July 16
  43. John Wick directed by Chad Stahelski
    Watched August 4
  44. Brick directed by Rian Johnson
    Watched August 5
  45. Filth directed by John S. Baird
    Watched August 5
  46. Captain America: Civil War directed by Anthony and Joe Russo
    Watched August 10
  47. Old Boy: directed by Park Chanwook
    Watched August 14
  48. Bad Neighbors 2 directed by Seth Rogen
    Watched August 14
  49. The November Man directed by roger Donaldson
    Watched August 14
  50. Star Trek Beyond directed Justin Lin
    Watched August 10
  51. Sausage Party directed by Seth Rogen
    Watched August 16
  52. Transporter directed by Louis Leterrier
    Watched August 16
  53. Point Break directed by Kathryn Bigelow
    Watched August 21
  54. Casino Royale directed by Martin Campbell
    Watched August 22
  55. Starred Up directed by David Mackenzie
    Watched August 23
  56. Thunderball directed by Terence young
    Watched August 24
  57. From Russia With Love directed by Terence Young
    Watched August 25
  58. 28 Weeks Later directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
    Watched August 26
  59. Alien directed by Ridley Scott
    Watched September 5
  60. X-Men: Apocalypse directed by Bryan Singer
    Watched September 11
  61. Midnight Special
  62. Hell or High Water directed by David Mackenzie
    Watched September 15
  63. Take Shelter
  64. Hunt for the Wilderpeople directed by Taika Waititi
    Watched September 25
  65. Boy directed by Taika Waititi
    Watched September 25
  66. Jungle Book directed by Jon Favreau
    Watched September 27
  67. Child 44 directed by
    Watched October 4
  68. Dead pool directed by
    Watched October 4
  69. Keanu directed by
    Watched October 5
  70. Ride Along 2 directed by Tim Story
    Watched October 15
  71. Elvis and Nixon directed by Liza Johnson
    Watched October 16
  72. Rushmore directed by Wes Anderson
    Watched October 21
  73. Oasis: Supersonic directed by Matt Whitecross
    Watched October 27
  74. Blood Father directed by Jean-Francois
    Watched October 29
  75. Syriana directed by Stephen Gaghan
    Watched October 30
  76. Handmaiden directed by Park Chan-Wook
    Watched November 2
  77. The Lobster directed by Yorgos Lanthimos
    Watched November 7
  78. Pirates of the Caribbean: Stranger Tides directed by Rob Marshall
    Watched November 14
  79. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl directed by rob Marshall
    Watched November 18
  80. Morris from America directed by Chad Martigan
    Watched November 18
  81. Spectre directed by Sam Mendez
    Watched November 21
  82. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince directed by David Yates
    Watched November 27
  83. Spotlight directed by Tom McCarthy
    Watched November 27
  84. Jason Bourne directed by Paul Greengrass
    Watched November 29
  85. Arrival directed by Denis Villeneuve
    Watched December 6
  86. Moonlight directed by Barry Jenkins
    Watched December 7
  87. Sherlock Holmes directed by Guy Ritchie
    Watched December 11
  88. Star Wars: A New Hope directed by George Lucas
    Watched December 12
  89. Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back directed by George Lucas
    Watched December 17
  90. Star Wars: Rogue One directed by Garet Edward
    Watched December 17
  91. Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire directed by Mike Newell
    Watched December 26
  92. Midnight Special directed by Jeff Nichols
    Watched December 29
  93. Eastern Promises directed by David Cranenberg
    Watched December 29
  94. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone directed by Chris Columbus
    Watched December 30
  95. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot directed by Glenn Ficarra
    Watched December 30
  96. The Magnificent 7 directed by Antoine Fuqua
    Watched December 31