'Cause 12 hours in a car ain't easy
  1. If you eat a pig that ate a human, are you a cannibal?
    Think about it... Unless you're at brunch then don't, just don't.
  2. Who's the hottest president?
  3. What is paradise?
    I think, at this point, we'd just camped in the rain for three days. Our standards were low, oh-so low.
  4. Why is it called a geyser when it should be called a galser?
  5. What happens if you cross a hipster with a yuppie?
  6. What would happen if Donald Trump was elected president?
  7. Do plants feel pain?
  8. Mud throwing theme park. Why isn't this a thing?!
    Seriously, someone make this a thing!
  9. Think we could sell a new brand of peanut butter called, "Spread the Love"?
  10. Will you record us pie-ing each other in the face?
  11. Where is all the fossilized dinosaur poo?
    And where can I get some??
  12. If you have no rules then you have rules, right?
    Trippy, man.
  13. If you were reincarnated as a tree, which one would you be?
    Obviously a redwood.
  14. What is the meaning of life?
    You knew we were headed there eventually!