A Father's Day for the Ages

Sorry for the humblebrag, but it is so nice to feel appreciated.
  1. The day started with @iammeghanmurray waking up early and going to one of my favorite restaurants on the island (Koko Head Cafe) to pick up an amazing breakfast for me.
    Incredible egg sandwich and dumplings of the day
  2. After that, I enjoyed watching to Red Sox score a much-needed win using the MLB Season Pass Meghan bought me for Father's Day.
    And in a quiet house with no kids!
  3. Next came a relaxing rest time with all of the kids stayed quiet in their rooms. I snuggled with the missus while reading my NEW book on my NEW Kindle.
    Joe Hill is the man.
  4. I also managed to catch the last quarter of this year's historical NBA Finals.
    Didn't have a dog in the race, but hard not to feel happy for LeBron and the state of Ohio.
  5. For dinner, Meghan prepared some unbelievable, mind-blowing Thai chicken wraps.
    I can't imagine them prepared any better by anyone.
  6. Throughout the day I also received random gifts from the kids.
    To include a homemade pennant (pictured below), a dying rose, a rock from the backyard, and a hand-drawn Zootopia poster.
  7. Now, the kids are getting ready for bed and I'm envisioning an exciting evening.
    Binge-watching Mr. Robot and in bed by 10.
  8. Being a dad is the most challenging and rewarding thing I've ever done. My kids make it all worthwhile. And parenting with someone as incredible and giving as Meghan is icing on cake.
  9. I am a lucky man.