@iammeghanmurray Us, in pictures.
  1. Where we met.
  2. First date, part 1.
  3. First date, part 2.
    It was a DMW. It's a Mexican restaurant now.
  4. First date, part 3. Where I jumped a fence for you.
    Also, first kiss (not the same day).
  5. Where we broke up. Where we made up. Where I asked (but forgot the ring). Where you answered.
  6. Where I made you an honest woman. Where you made me an honest man.
  7. We met this jovial fellow on the way to Myrtle Beach for our honeymoon.
    You'll never let me forget that I was super grumpy at the time 😏
  8. As newlyweds, we decided to be spontaneous and drive until we wanted to stop and stay at a random hotel. This is the Mexican restaurant that you got tipsy at on cheap margaritas.
    It's a seafood emporium and BBQ haven now, which sounds super fancy.
  9. Our first apartment.
  10. Our second apartment, after the first flooded (also, where Jack was born).
  11. Our first house (also, where Charlotte was born).
  12. Where we renewed. Where we loved. Where we lost.
  13. Where we said goodbye.
  14. Our present.
  15. Our future.
  16. The first ten have been incredible; how about ten more?