I grew up in the church. It has always been a part of my life. I was never a part of a Christian cult or anything so glamorous, just your average church communities. And while I would identify myself as a Christian, there's a lot about me that doesn't exactly fit the mold.
  1. I don't think homosexuality is a sin.
    I'll start with a biggie. I know this has been gaining some traction recently, but based on what I've seen in the Bible I'm not convinced this is the big no-no the church is making it into. I'm a fan of more love in the world (I like to think Jesus was too) and I don't it's up to me to limit what that love looks like (of course, as long as it is between consenting adults). A Biblical case for homosexuality being a sin is shaky at best. Which brings me to...
  2. I think the Bible is confusing and contradictory.
    Yes, sometimes I read the Bible and receive the inspiration I'm looking for. Sometimes it provides moral/spiritual guidance and encouragement. Most of the time, it confuses the hell outta me. If I say the Bible is "true," what am I saying? That I think everything in it (like Creation) happened like the scripture says?(I don't) That I think every verse can be taken out of context and applied to everyone? (I don't) That I agree with everything it says? (I don't)
  3. I don't trust the Church very much.
    Not to get into the gory details, but my last pastor fell from grace hard, ruining multiple marriages (some irreconcilably) and the church body on his way down. And I couldn't help but feel like the church body was somewhat complacent in this. We put him on that pedestal that made him feel invincible. We gave him that power to abuse the trust that he did. Whenever I see the new mega pastor or hot Christian blogger trying to make a name for themselves, that is who I think of.
  4. I'm scared to raise my kids in the Church.
    For all the good morality it provided me, being raised in the church also messed me up. The sexual repression caused me to think that everything about sex before marriage was bad and made me hate my own body. The "secular world" was to be feared and rejected at all times. I think I was taught more about who not to love rather than how to love better. I didn't believe in evolution until my 20s. I'm petrified to put my own kids through that.
  5. I don't know how to pray.
    This seems easy enough. Just talk to God, right? But when am I talking to God versus just talking to myself or just talking to the ceiling? 99% of the time when I pray I don't receive any answer, and couldn't the 1% just be me fooling myself? Even Jesus' prayer example for us (the Lord's Prayer) isn't exactly enlightening. Is there something I'm missing? Is this something everyone but me has figured out? Am I a fraud by teaching my kids to pray?
  6. The exclusive nature of Christianity makes me uncomfortable.
    I remember one time a youth leader told everyone a wonderful story about how religion is a mountain and every faith finds their own way to the top, but we all have the same destination. He then smashed this beautiful picture by reiterating that Jesus is The Way. The Truth. The Life. And no one gets to the Father except through Him. I'm not a fan of telling others that they are going to Hell. There's a lot of beauty in the beliefs of others and I don't feel qualified to throw all that out.
  7. I don't trust/understand/like a lot of Christians.
    I know America can paint Muslims as the big bad wolf, but I know a lot of Christians that are just awful people. Bigots. Racists. War-mongers. Just look at the Evangelical support for Donald Trump! If that doesn't at least make you consider leaving the faith, I don't know what to tell ya.
  8. I like to cuss regularly.
    I want to be as pure as the next guy, but sometimes colorful language is the only way to punch up a story. And I know plenty of jokes that don't work if they don't end in profanity. Seriously though, I feel like the more I am cussing the more honest I am being.
  9. Jesus is just alright.
    Just kidding! He's awesome. If we could have more Christ in Christianity I think we'd be a lot better off.
  10. Note: thanks @trevcleveland for your list and prompting me to finally post this one from my drafts.