My 2.5 year old (Finn) is a chatty guy and has a bit of a unique take on the English language. I have to admit, some of his changes are for the better.
  1. "Jumpoline" (Trampoline)
    I mean, this one just makes sense. I do an awful lot more jumping on a trampoline than tramping.
  2. "Dammy" (Mommy and Daddy)
    It only makes perfect sense for him to have one word for addressing both of us. This is just efficient and economical.
  3. "Birsty" (Thirsty)
    I don't understand the genesis of this one, but the b sound at the beginning definitely allows for more emphasis. Usually said "Dammy, I'm real, real BIRsty."
  4. "I was nap" (I was sleeping)
    I like to think rest time for him is more of a state of being rather than just a simple action.
  5. Static
  6. "Dinosword" (sword)
    Somehow makes the weapon sound even more BA.
  7. "Presto" (magic wand)
    I have no clue where this one came from but it's adorable as hell.
  8. “Pray to me” (Pray for me, at bedtime)
    This one’s a bit awkward.