That time I broke into your house and found you sleeping with another man. (Note: please excuse this excessive PDA. One of my wife's love languages is social media.)
  1. You were the new girl at Bible study. I won't pretend like I remember everything from that first night, but you caught my attention from the start.
    Here's what I remember: Legs. Kindness. Fun. Legs.
  2. We were both coming out of serious relationships, so things moved slowly.
    I'm also awkward beyond measure, so that probably contributed.
  3. Finally. It happened. The Moment. You made a comment about needing to go to the DMV but didn't know where it was. I offered to take you.
    This could've been a "friendly" event, but a look passed between us and we both knew: this was more. This was a date.
  4. I probably stuttered and stammered my way through something while trying to/not to make eye contact with you. Your gaze was intense.
    Still is intense. You can still make me weak in the knees.
  5. What would've happened if I didn't hear you? Or if I didn't speak up? Or you were creeped out by the guy offering to take you to the DMV?
    Thank you Sweet Jesus that we didn't have to find out.
  6. We met at Starbucks. You were wearing pink Chucks. I remember them at the end of your heart-stopping legs. You were there before me.
    Which is funny because I don't think you've been early to anything since 🙂 Maybe you were trying to impress me? It worked.
  7. Off we headed to the DMW. You had a (male) friend visiting from out of town so he tagged along too. I was disappointed, but also a little relieved.
    Your attention intimidated me. I craved and feared it at the same time.
  8. We made paper airplanes for some kids while we were waiting until an employee yelled at us.
    I teased you about your license picture even though it was the most beautiful driver's license that I had ever seen.
  9. Now here's the strange part that I can't explain. Apparently my truck really needed new tires? I left you with your friend to go get them.
    I'll have to plead momentary insanity with this move. I would say I was playing hard to get, but I don't even think I understood that concept at that point in my life.
  10. After my (apparently) pressing errand was done, I drove to your house.
    You were a live-in nanny at a huge house on Lake Wylie.
  11. This house also had a gated entrance and was completely enclosed by a six foot metal fence.
    The gate was closed. I called you probably a dozen times. I was starting to panic, like I had missed my chance. Stupid tires!
  12. Now, here we come to the boldest decision of my entire life that was completely out of character for me. I left my car, climbed a tree, and hopped the fence.
    99% of the time, I don't make this decision. That's just not me. This was the desperate act of a man who had a glimpse of immeasurable happiness, and was not going to let a fence deny him. Did I know we would end up together? No. All I knew was that where you were was where I wanted to be.
  13. The front door was locked so (in for a penny, in for a pound) I went around to the back door. Through the glass I saw you asleep on the floor and your friend asleep on the couch.
    You had fallen asleep watching TV.
  14. I came inside but, in my awkwardness, was completely clueless on how to proceed.
    I got in the house, now what?
  15. I made the regretful decision to take a seat in the living room and wait for you to wake up.
    I am forever thankful to you for not kicking me out of the house immediately.
  16. You woke up soon and after an (awkward) exchange your friend had to leave.
    I gladly bid him farewell. I was ready to have you all to myself.
  17. For the rest of the day we floated in the lake and talked.
    I don't remember what about, I just remember being completely enraptured by you. You were the most interesting person in the world and I could talk to you forever.
  18. I feel like that's what our lives have been since then: floating and sharing. Taking advantage of the smallest moments to never lose what is most precious.
  19. Happy Valentine's Day, @iammeghanmurray 😘