1. Bi-Lo (Bagger/cashier/cart wrangler)
    A grocery store that I don't think exists any more.
  2. Auto Bell (Car detailer)
    Car wash place. The pay sucked, but the tips were 🤑
  3. Camp Lurecrest (Counselor in Training)
    Christian summer camp. Job consisted of shaping young minds and hijinks/shenanigans. Mostly the latter.
  4. Decision One (Mailroom/copy room)
    Mortgage company. Sorted mail and spent hours coping long mortgage documents. I ate the lunches they put out for special clients only for a couple of weeks before someone told me it wasn't for us.
  5. 312th Postal Company (Postal specialist)
    First Army Reserve job. Got to go to Germany for annual training. Deployed to Kuwait. Handled postal inspections (aka confiscated porn Soldiers were trying to mail) and sorted mail.
  6. Starbucks (Barista/shift supervisor)
    Was an official Coffee Master (trained and everything for that shit). A pretty fun job, depending on people I worked with.
  7. Army Reserve Career Counselor
    Second Army Reserve job. Advised Soldiers on career options and helped process reenlistment contracts.
  8. Roadmaster Active Suspension (Sales)
    Disaster. Phone sales for an aftermarket automotive suspension kit. Sales are not my thing. Cars are not my thing. Not sure why I thought this would work. Random: @amieshmamie was convinced that I "sold ideas" at this company. Not entirely sure what that consists of but it sounds awesome.
  9. 108th Training Command (HR specialist)
    First active Army job. Mostly just standard office work (personnel accountability, database management, spreadsheet guru).
  10. Pacific Command (Manpower analyst)
    Second active Army job and my most rewarding job so far. Manage the structure of the Command's positions, try to create efficiencies, solve complicated funding problems. I was thrown in the deep end with this position but I've really enjoyed growing into it.