The year was 1990.
  1. So many people have concert memories of some amazingly talented artists.
    Prince, Michael Jackson, New Kids on the Block
  2. My concert memory was a bit... different.
  3. But as far as I'm concerned, I saw gods among men.
  4. Yes, I'm referring to the Ninja Turtles Coming Outta Their Shells Tour.
    In hindsight, I've realized that the title is a bit suggestive.
  5. My memories are a little hazy, but everything I remember was incredible.
    Sparkles. Instruments. Jean jackets. Is doesn't get better.
  6. This was performance art at its highest form.
    It wasn't just music, there was a story.
  7. April was there.
    Possibly my first legit crush.
  8. Shredder too!
    He had seen better days, tbh.
  9. There was action, adventure, and kickass songs.
  10. Of course I bought the soundtrack.
    On cassette tape, natch.
  11. Icing on the cake:
    A multitude of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade Game cabinets.
  12. This game isn't perfect, but for a large portion of my young life it was the best thing I ever played.
  13. We were pretty poor growing up, so I'm not sure how my parents could afford tickets, but I'm eternally grateful.
    Probably going to call them today just to say thanks again.