I mean, you're 31. It's not really an exciting number. To be honest, it's probably all downhill from here.
  1. We've known each other forever!
    Seriously, I've known you for over 25 years. How is that even possible?
  2. You've seen me at my best and worst.
    And everything in between.
  3. We are as close to being related as possible (without actually being related).
    The Murray and Furry clans don't fall too far from the same tree.
  4. Epic snowball fights
    Living within walking distance was huge for those NC snow days.
  5. Your mom picked me up for church in your old station wagon more times than I can count.
    The day she bought a minivan is a huge childhood memory of mine. Furrys with a minivan???
  6. Number of children's programs/youth events/church retreats/mission trips we have co-participated in: infinity.
  7. It's one thing to know someone for such a long time. But to actually LIKE each other after all of that?
    Mind. Blown.
  8. "I hope I never see your FACE again."
    Favorite Amie quote of all time that still gets used in our house on a regular basis.
  9. Porb
    A simple typo turned into years of amusement.
  10. Staying up so late watching all of the the (extended edition) Lord of the Rings movies the summer you came back from Paris.
    Man, your parents probably thought we were some weird losers.
  11. Now some embarrassing pictures!
  12. We were babies!
  13. My eighteen birthday.
    Still, babies.
  14. Yeah, we went to prom together.
    Was it awkward at times? Hell yeah. Did we still have a good time? Hell yeah.
  15. My Basic Training graduation!
  16. Letters while I was deployed!
    You legit might be the best pen pal in the world.
  17. Not a picture of you.
    But I came across it and thought you might appreciate it. Sorry @DCB #pregnantmenaresmug
  18. I usually like a little more structure to my lists.
    But my goal here was to just to throw as much love as I could into this post and see what sticks 😉
  19. You are well-loved and well-liked around these parts.
    The whole Murray family thinks you are the shit.
  20. Hope your day is amazing and special.
    Knowing D and the friends around you, I have no doubt it will be.
  21. Happy Birthday, Amie!