I've been out of town for a month (two more weeks to go!) and miss @iammeghanmurray something fierce. Here's why.
  1. We are really good at taking care of each other.
    We are a perfect team. She keeps me interesting and not a hermit. I keep her safe and not in jail.
  2. She's adorable/sexy af.
    For real doe. Sometimes one or the other. Sometimes both at the same time! (Which I didn't know was possible)
  3. We fit together SO WELL.
    Physically, we are like a human jigsaw puzzle. There's been a black hole next to me every night for the last month.
  4. We have fun together.
    No matter what we are doing, we keep it interesting. Hiking, swimming, watching TV, riding in the car, playing a game, etc. Her mere presence always brightens my spirit. It's like I'm a car's headlights and she turns on my high beams.
  5. We parent the hell out of our kids together.
    A good parenting duo closely resembles a professional wrestling tag team. I'll fight and fight until I'm just on the edge of losing... and then tap her in with a full head of steam to finish them off.
  6. She inspires me daily.
    Everyday Meghan does something that amazes me. Maybe it's an act of kindness out of nowhere or running a distance she didn't even think was possible a couple of months ago. Spending time with Meghan will make you a better person, guaranteed.