Here's the story, @biz.
  1. During summer break in my high school years, I worked at Camp Lurecrest. It's a small Christian summer camp in the mountains of North Carolina, right on the coast of Lake Lure.
    Seriously some of the best times in my young adult life.
  2. I was a Counselor-in-Training (CIT), which meant I was too young to be a counselor. My duties mostly consisted of manual labor around camp, working the dish room, and mentoring young kids to further their relationship with the Lord.
  3. But most of our time was spent doing dumb, teenage boy shit.
  4. One afternoon, we were working in the dish room cleaning up after lunch.
    All the campers were at the chapel down at the other side of camp.
  5. One of my fellow CITs (don't remember who) noticed that we had a heavy-duty cleaner that had a warning on it to keep it away from aluminum.
    Another CIT (also don't remember who) had the great idea to put some aluminum foil in the cleaner bottle, close the lid and shake it up. Just to see what happens.
  6. So that's what we did and we threw the bottle out the back door.
  7. At first, nothing happened.
  8. Then, slowly, the bottle started to twist and deform.
  9. Then the bottle started getting bigger.
  10. And bigger.
  11. And bigger.
  12. Until... BOOM.
  13. The sound was deafening.
    Followed by completed and utter. Silence.
  14. The silence was broken by the crackle of our walkie talkie. "Joe, WHAT WAS THAT?"
    Joe was our CIT leader. The voice on the walkie talkie was Jerry Martin, the Camp Director. He had heard the explosion all the way in the chapel.
  15. This was one of the first times in my life that I really experienced camaraderie.
    We were in some deep shit. But at least we were all in deep shit together.
  16. Next thing I knew, we were all in Jerry's office, getting what Southerners like to call a "come to Jesus" meeting.
    I don't remember exactly what was said or threatened. All I remember is feeling like I was a razor's edge away from being sent home.
  17. For a chronic rule-follower, this was pretty much a Doomsday scenario.
  18. In hindsight, this was probably a bluff. Yeah, we might have made a bomb, but it was harmless in the end.
    Also, someone had to wash all those damn dishes.
  19. Honestly, our homemade bomb was one of our lesser endeavors.
    I'm just glad he never found out about the time we put someone through the industrial dishwasher machine...