I love the taste of this stuff even though a part of my brain knows that it should taste objectively bad.
  1. Black Coffee
    I drink it every damn morning of every damn day in my life. I have nightmares of waking up one day and being disgusted by the taste. Because, let's be real, it should not taste good. But I love it. LOVE IT.
  2. Mushrooms
    Love them. But come on, they taste like dirt and mold. Still love them. Even (especially) raw.
  3. Blackened/burnt stuff
    My favorite Brussels sprouts are the ones that are half charcoal. Something about that nasty carbon taste just hits the spot. And marshmallows are inedible unless they are burnt or paired with chocolate (or both).
  4. Beer
    I don't drink/like it, but it seems to fit the bill. Stop fronting everyone, you know it tastes like straight horse pee.