My grandmother died two days ago. She was my favorite person in the world. It's strange to write this list now because multiple strokes took these things from her almost 20 years ago, but it's so strange for things to be so final now.
  1. The summers.
    The majority of my summers during elementary and middle school were spent in Maine with my grandmother. We had so much quality time together whether it was watching The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits or working at the small community library down the street. These times were magical. My version of stepping into the clock into Narnia.
  2. Her wit.
    My grandmother knew endless jokes. We would lay together in her bed with the windows open and she would share them with me over and over again. I would always try to remember them to tell others but it was never the same. Multiple times after I hurt myself when I was little I received raps that she wrote for me about my situation to cheer me up. I have saved them to this day.
  3. Her imagination.
    When she wasn't sharing jokes, my grandmother was creating elaborate back stories for me. I had an ex-wife named Mugface and an illegitimate child named MonkeyBrain. I've forgotten most of these tales, but trust me, they went deep. I'm sure she's the reason I have such a strange sense of humor.
  4. Her faith.
    She believed in Jesus, but she used that as a tool rather than a weapon. She never talked to anyone who wasn't ready. It was about love and acceptance to her. This is something I don't fully understand but would like to some day.
  5. Her intelligence.
    My grandmother loved crossword puzzles. She was so good at them. She also created a love in me for those puzzle books that you can buy at the airport or gas stations. She taught me how to do all the different puzzles and I think about her every time I finish one. She taught me backgammon (the REAL game of kings) and trounced me 95% of the time.
  6. Her love.
    I know that my grandmother was not a perfect person. But I always knew that she loved me and I loved her. She was the person who cut the umbilical cord after I was born. Ever since then we've always had a special connection and love. A love that would fly from Maine to North Carolina (even though she HATED flying) just to see my baptism. I learned a lot from that undeniable love.
  7. I miss you, Gram. Go Sox.