According to this dude that came to speak at my youth group back in the day (do you remember this guy, @amieshmamie @classyAF? I need someone to collaborate this story so I don't feel crazy.)
  1. Pocahontas
    "Every rock/tree/animal has a spirit." Promotes pagan worship of nature. Didn't Disney know to portray the Native American characters as fundamental Christians?
  2. Hero, by Mariah Carey
    Humanist propaganda. Jesus is the hero, you have nothing of value inside apart from that. The concept was a little difficult for my adolescent mind to comprehend.
  3. Hotel California by The Eagles
    This was a big one. The guy had a line-by-line breakdown of all the Satanic allusions in the song ("Guess what happened in 1969? The Satanist's Bible was published!") I'm not really sure what the motive was here, we didn't get that far. He kinda ruined the song for me for all eternity.
  4. Many more things I can't remember.
    These are just the three seared into my memory.