It was a randomly emotional day.
  1. Julius Peppers returning to the Carolina Panthers.
    I was feeling pretty apathetic about the rumors of Peppers' return. He burned some bridges when he left Charlotte six years ago and I guess I was still feeling some animosity. But then the news was official and I was overwhelmingly happy. One of the greatest Panthers ever (and a hometown boy, to boot) returning to where he started his career makes for an amazing story. Welcome back, Pep.
  2. Watching Moana with my kids (for the hundredth time).
    This movie. Is. Incredible. If my heart had a groin, this movie has so many scenes that would kick me in the heart groin. The scene at the grandmother's bedside. The scene when Moana's mother helps her pack. The scene when Moana dives down to claim her own destiny. The "I know who you are" scene at the very end. Ugh. Also, I have a theory percolating about Moana being the ultimate feminist story.
  3. Listening to Andrew Peterson's Lay Me Down (
    All of Andrew Peterson's music has a death grip on my heart strings. However, this song especially nails that weird sensation of feeling immense happiness and sadness, simultaneously. This song should be used to determine when A.I. has reached true sentience. It is so powerful that it will make robots cry tears of joy. Side note: as if he wasn't talented enough, Peterson has also written The Wingfeather Saga, one of my favorite young adult book series ever. Check it out!