What Happens When You Give Your Six Year Old Unfettered Access to a Bible

He starts copying random verses on index cards. And shit gets weird. Quickly.
  1. So sweet. What a guy.
  2. 👏👏😍💯
  3. A little ominous, but ok.
  4. This is proof that a lot of The Bible is just lists of randos.
  5. Ok. Things just got real.
  6. Crap. When is too early for the circumcision talk? As a parent, I didn't realize there was going to be a circumcision talk.
  7. Did this joker really just find the verse in The Bible that talks about the founding of Islam? I feel like most Christians don't even know this verse exists.
  8. I feel like we are one small step from him demanding that his little sister "be made his footstool."
  9. I don't feel theologically prepared to answer any of his questions.