Good luck at Super Bowl 50! Keep Pounding!
  1. We grew up together.
    I was in the fifth grade living in Charlotte when the Carolina Panthers were established. In the 20+ years since, I've been there for all of the highs... and lows.
  2. We have endured some tough times together.
    Don't know where to start with this one. We had the QB that ended up being a racist alcoholic (Kerry Collins). Rae Carruth (I don't even want to talk about what he did). The 1-15 season (when we won the first game of the season and proceeded to lose the last 15). The Jake Delhomme playoff meltdown (threw five interceptions and had a fumble while playing against the Cardinals at home). Through it all, I've remained a fan which makes the recent success all the sweeter.
  3. This team is fun to watch.
    Mostly due to the addition of Cam Newton on the offense and Luke Kuechly on the defense, this is a very exciting team. You never know if Cam is going to break off a spectacular run or throw an incredible pass. The defense is likely to make a monster sack or eye-popping interception on every play. It bears mentioning that Luke Kuechly=Luke Cafferty.
  4. The dab
    Cam Newton has popularized a celebration dance that even white guys (me) can do. Bless you, Cam.