There are two kind of people in the world...

  1. Pickers and non-pickers
    A scab, a zit, a nail...pickers can't help themselves but to pop the zit, tear at the nail, remove the scab. Picking almost always makes the issue worse or more apparent, but pickers can't help themselves. Non-pickers have self control. I'm a picker.
  2. Uses the turn signal and doesn't use the turn signal.
    Users show common curtesy by turning on their blinker to indicate their intentions. A turn signal is like asking, "Hey, can I come over into that lane please?" Or "I plan to turn left soon." Not using it is like saying, "Fuck you, I'll do what I want." I use my turn signal.
  3. Dog people and cat people
    I love the attention, acceptance, and love my dogs give me. Do cat people not need this level of validation? Also, I don't like calling the name of something and it not even turning to acknowledge my existence. I'm a dog person.
  4. Beer drinkers and non-beer drinkers
    Alcoholics in recovery excluded, I don't trust anyone that doesn't drink beer. "I don't like how it tastes" is a horrible excuse and shows me you have never pushed through anything hard in your life. Beer is delicious and a treat on a hot day. I'm a beer drinker.