I have always loved creating things even as a kid. I just want to take a moment to recognize the things that made writing so much fun for me
  1. Legos
    When I was a kid, I starting building this futuristic looking boat out of Legos. Then I came up with the idea that someone was trapped inside the box almost like KITT from Knight Rider if he was an actual human. I don't know what it was that day but I start creating all these other characters around this boat. Within a few weeks, I had written this script on Word about people trying to find Earth's last island. First thing I ever wrote.
  2. Boomerangs
    Boomerangs are both the coolest things and have the coolest name. All I wanted was for there to be a character who touted boomerangs like Captain America used his shield. Now I know Captain Boomerang is a thing but back then I created Boomerman, an American baby raised by kangaroos in Australia. Yes, he had an estranged brother who had a frisbee.
  3. Luke Cage
    When Marvel's Ultimate Universe was still alive and well, I remember getting a trade for Ultimates which I loved. The best part of it wasn't reading it; it was thinking about reading it the night before. I ended getting ahead of myself and creating background for characters before I even read about them. I created a new take on Luke Cage where he was a cop instead of a criminal. I ended up writing for 4 straight hours that night.
  4. Paradise Lost
    I really took to British Lit in high school most of all with Paradise Lost. I recall the night after college graduation starting the epic poem, breaking down verse by verse the visuals I wanted to create. When there was a movie in development for it, I was more disappointed than excited. When it got shelved, I regained hope.
  5. Ray Bradbury
    He's probably an influence for anyone but Zen in the Art of Writing broke my brain open and taught me to muse. I wrote my first full screenplay that year.