35 pictures/gifs of Chris Evans for his 35th birthday

While you're here, let me tell you a story about a man who has been making women (& men) swoon since 1981. Happy birthday babe
  1. Once there was a young man named Chris
  2. He dreamed of far off places
  3. Like Hollywood
  4. Where he could act & take his shirt off for money (in the most respectable of ways)
  5. He worked hard
  6. He worked OUT
  7. & he landed some of the greatest movie roles a young actor could ask for
    This picture has nothing to do with the caption but those arms am I right
  8. Including Captain America
  9. Where we watched him fight Nazis & fall in love
  10. Until his *spoiler* demise but *spoiler* not actually because *spoiler* he instead was frozen & woke up years later
  11. & then we were introduced to an even more toned Chris
    #veinspoppin #blessed
  12. Where he ran circles around Anthony Mackie to show us that there literally is no one better
    Full disclosure this pic is from First Avenger not Winter Soldier
  13. As his status as Hollywood hunk continued to rise
  14. He was invited to talk shows
  15. Where he brought adorable anecdotes about his nephew & his new catchphrase
  16. He attended movie premieres all over the world looking dapper af
    ScarJo looking fab too
  17. But while his movies are great, there's one thing that is better
  18. & that thing is his hiatus beard
  19. Like no beard is great & all but
  20. HIATUS BEARD reigns supreme
  21. One more hiatus beard picture & we can move on
    A nice close up for the true fans
  22. Now let's look back on some of his less popular, but equally wonderful roles
  23. Fantastic Four
    Not a great movie, but Chris makes it tolerable
  24. What's Your Number
    That smirk
  25. & another What's Your Number
    Chris & a guitar? Please
  26. Nanny Diaries
    His name is Harvard Hottie for goodness sake
  27. Not Another Teen Movie
    Hilariously douchey parody character
  28. & last but not least, his directorial debut Before We Go
    So proud of you, Chrissy
  29. As you can see, Chris is an accomplished man
    He's seen here staring into his bright future
  30. Who deserves the world
  31. Here's wishing you a life full of wonderful movie roles
  32. Opportunities as a director
  33. & eternal happiness
    That laugh
  34. Keep being you
    So goofy
  35. You beautiful, strong, hilarious, & sophisticated man
  36. Bonus pic of Chris w/ the fantastic Sebastian Stan
    So much happiness & so much hiatus beard