Definitive Ranking of Movie Star Chris's

Let me preface this by saying this is the hardest thing I've ever done
  1. 1.
    Princess Diaries 2 had a major role in the decision to make him #1
  2. 2.
    From Andy to Starlord, this man is truly amazing in comedic & dramatic roles
  3. 3.
    Captain America more like Captain of My Heart-ica. Especially with his hiatus-beard
  4. 4.
    Short n Sweet Messina from New York
  5. 5.
    Obviously beautiful. But, like, too beautiful
  6. 6.
    I know Clooney's Batman wasn't the best, but I still fell in love with Robin as a preteen
  7. 7.
    I know I'm missing people, but I gotta say that all Chris's are beautiful I just don't have a lot of time here