1. Age 5, outcast of the homeschool group
    We would go on these field trips every second Friday of the month and I was consistently sitting with my one bespectacled friend at the back of the train or dairy farm or yarn manufacturer or wherever we happened to be that day.
  2. Age 8, skipped school to see Return of the King in theaters with my stepmom
    (By this time I was enrolled in public school) I bragged about it to my classmates the next day, too.
  3. Age 10, tried to join my class in a recess soccer game
    Every day all of the boys and Cool Girls would play soccer on the fields at recess and I never joined them because a) I am bad at running and b) I am bad at kicking. But this one day, for whatever reason, I asked to play. They let me. I tripped over the ball. I retreated to the miniature rock wall on the playground and didn't make eye contact with anyone for the rest of the day.
  4. Age 16, snuck into comic-con but quickly left because I was afraid someone would catch me
    I accidentally wandered in a back door of the convention center with my dad and we found ourselves on the main floor, superheroes everywhere. We didn't have wrist bands, obviously, so I was sure someone would find us and kick us out. I was really nervous, so we left because I was too much of a wimp.
  5. Age 18, didn't go do College Things because I wanted to finish Ender's Game
    I had plans that night, maybe, but instead I sat on my giant bean bag and read some mediocre sci-fi for HOURS. Then fell asleep, probably around 10 pm.