Compiling this list has actually made me feel a little nauseous.
  1. Air Bud
    So much about this movie.....most vividly that scene where the coach is pelting the nice little friend boy with basketballs. Also the whole abusive clown situation.
  2. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
    The boy getting sucked up the chocolate tube. And the hell tunnel where you actually see a chicken get its head cut off???? Who approved that movie.
  3. Left Behind
    At age 6 I was convinced that Jesus was going to come back and I wouldn't get raptured and I would be left with the heathens who were destroying each other at the end of the world.
  4. Star Wars Episode V
    The first scene on Hoth with the ice monster. Gave 1st grade me a really strong sense of fear and foreboding that lasted for weeks.
  5. Random episode of House where Juni from Spy Kids had leprosy
    Not a movie but it counts. What with the religious upbringing and all I had a strong fear of leprosy, and when I accidentally saw this episode after American Idol I was convinced for the next two months that I was going to contract it and be cast out of my home.