(Mostly) inspired by @mariahcowell who was inspired by @agard
  1. Picture I took - strange font choice that I wholeheartedly approve of
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  2. Movie I saw - Three Colors: Red
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    Very very good I recommend it
  3. Food item I prepared - Toast
    Just your standard toast
  4. Song I heard - Chinatown by Girlpool
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  5. Video game I played - Super Smash Bros
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    Green Kirby is my character of choice.
  6. Book I read - The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
  7. Event I attended - The Renaissance Festival
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  8. Thing I ate - the worst sandwich ever, just a lot of mustard. So bad.
  9. Person I had a conversation with - Hunter, we talked about lists.
  10. Animal I petted - Willow the cat
  11. Selfie - me being a businesswoman (was also my profile pic for about 17 hours)
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