SO MANY THINGS this is the list I've been waiting for. Conservative Christian parents are no. joke. (PS the following only apply to when I was at my mom's house. At my dad's there was never a single rule.)
  1. Watch TV/movies
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    Any TV. Any movies. Except bible sing-a-longs, Moody science movies, and the Prayer Bear trilogy, all of which we had on VHS.
  2. Wear "revealing" clothing
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    I had breasts by the age of 10, so according to my mother everything was too revealing. She ordered my 5th grade tshirt in an adult xl, and I had to wear it to so many events (class picture day, field day, graduation class party, etc.) Once middle school started she bought me a lot of baggy clothing that made me feel and look like a swamp monster.
  3. Go over to friends' houses without my mother first speaking to their parents
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    The thought of my mother calling my friend's mother and asking her if she knew the Lord and if her daughter was a good influence and inviting their family to church was too horrifying. So I never went to friends' houses on the weeks I was at my mom's. (Except @mariahcowell because almost kinda same boat.)
  4. Listen to Secular Music
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    Casting Crowns, Steven Curtis Chapman, tobyMac, MercyMe, Jeremy Camp. Ever heard of them? If not, consider yourself truly blessed. This was the world I lived in during any and all car rides with my mother, or when she was feeling particularly soulful while cooking dinner. And I almost didn't live to tell the tale.
  5. Read Secular Books
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    I read a lot of books about martyrs at far too young an age. I really rebelled on this one, though. I would hide Eragon inside my 3-ring zip binder.
  6. Wear makeup until high school
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    There were some major spats with my mom over this one. I had so much angst in 8th grade, there was no way I could express it without solid black eyelids. I eventually won out, mostly because my step mom bought me makeup when I was at my dad's house.
  7. Make eye contact with boys
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    Obviously I wasn't allowed to date, but my mom didn't even want me to be friends with them or exchange pleasantries. She once gave me a talk on ways to make myself less appealing so boys wouldn't approach me. This didn't work, and I dated several guys. But I lived in fear at what would happen should I be discovered. A chastity belt would've probably been involved.
  8. Skip "Family Worship"
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    Basically just my step dad going on and on about some minute theological point. Once I got a car and a job I made sure to never be present for this. But for years it was the bane of my existence. Never had the supernatural seemed more poisonously mundane.