1. 2-5: veterinarian
    I later realized I did not actually want to perform surgery or diagnose things or put family pets to sleep, I mostly just wanted to hang out with animals all the time. When I realized being a veterinarian wouldn't fulfill that dream I quickly gave it up.
  2. 6-11: writer
    I wrote a lot of stories about orphans and magic and magical orphans and nature and dragons. I spent a lot of time on baby name websites getting inspired by names like Tristan and Leith.
  3. 12-13: nurse
    I don't actually remember why, I just remember writing a paper on it. Nothing about that seems appealing to me now.
  4. 14-18: elementary school teacher
    I wanted to teach kids to read and to love knowledge and books and learning, but then I did classroom observation for my elementary ed class and it was dismal. So I changed my major.
  5. 19-present: writer/professional book reader
    I want to be surrounded by literature forever. My own and other people's. I would gladly be an English major for the rest of my life (and I fully plan to).