Also basic, but tru
  1. 👯 the universal symbol of best friends. Also a great Halloween costume idea (also way overdone.... I'm still doing this for Halloween. Sorry, not sorry)
  2. 👌🏻 great alternative to "K"
  3. 💃🏼 she looks sassy and fun. And she dances, which I do
  4. 💁🏼 just a great "basic bitch" emolji; the epitome of "white girl" if you will
  5. 😱 an emoji that is often used in combination with 😭 during midterms week
  6. 💕 I feel like this is a sincere heart option
  7. ✨ when you need to send someone good vibes, just throw one of these their way
  8. 🐥 Go Eagles!!
  9. 💩