50 reasons why I am in Mary Kay

  1. 1. Earn a FREE Red Chevy Cruz so I don't have a car payment
  2. Show other women they can achieve BIG God sized dreams
  3. Quit my job as a CNA
  4. Never have to work another 11 hour day again
  5. Become a fearless leader
  6. Be able to be a stay at home mom while being a Sales Director
  7. Build the home of my dreams
  8. Help in donating to fund a cure
  9. Making $200 or more an hour instead of $20 an hour
  10. Be around encouraging women that are going to believe in me
  11. Have that abundance mentality
  12. Allow my "husband to be" to have that dream job whatever it may be
  13. Bless the lives of 24 other women to become a sales director
  14. Build a million dollar career
  15. Buy a new couch for my home
  16. Stop procrastinating about my dreams
  17. Telling everyone about this opportunity and why it has made such a difference in my life
  18. Always being around Godly women
  19. Earn a diamond ring on Stage at Seminar
  20. Earn a diamond Bumble bee
  21. Achieve queen's court of recruiting
  22. Become Candice Daniel Beck's first offspring sales director
  23. Put a pool in my backyard
  24. Decorate my home
  25. Buy a hot tub
  26. Plant flowers in my front yard with my Mary Kay money
  27. Paying for my dream wedding with my Mary Kay money
  28. Go on a cruise for my 30th
  29. Pay off all debts
  30. Plastic surgery to remove scar on hand which I have been self conscious about
  31. Paint cabinets in kitchen
  32. Paint inside of house with Mary Kay profit
  33. Screened in porch in back yard
  34. Allow my kids to have opportunities in life
  35. Save up for kids college fund
  36. Write a book and have someone help me with it
  37. Believing God has a bigger plan in store for my life
  38. Have a dog of my own
  39. Have a dark room for photography built
  40. Finish my 4 year degree in Fine Arts
  41. Become a national sales director
  42. Sharing this product with everyone I meet so they can fall in love with this amazing company
  43. Not prejudging other women based on if they need this opportunity or not
  44. Being more structured with my schedule
  45. Free self improvement classes
  46. Travel to Ireland
  47. Believe that I can do all things through CHRIST who strengthens me
  48. Focus on God's best for my life
  49. Have a beach house for the Summer
  50. Pay for a family vacation