Aka I have 5 semesters left in college (quite a few), am I gonna meet all my requirements? Aka I planned my life out at 2:30am today and I think it's all gonna fit!!!
  1. Sociology major
    My current major (sociology) is going well so far, but I obviously am nowhere near finishing since I'm only a sophomore. Luckily sociology does not have many requirements compared to other majors (cough cough STEM) (like I have to take 11 classes total... I mean obviously I wanna take a lot of classes because it's my major and it's interesting, but I also have lots of flexibility)
  2. Honors college requirements
    After this semester I should be done with "general studies" (aka taking random honors classes) and I gotta decide if I'm gonna do the thesis/project senior year. I have plenty of time to think about what I want to do it on but UGH sounds like way too much work
  3. College requirements
    My major is in the college of social and behavioral sciences which means I have to take extra global studies classes :( I mean some definitely sound interesting but I gotta squeeze them in somewhere. I have ideas of which ones I will take (an education class that works for the minor, a women's studies class because interesting). Will soon be done with the foreign language req
  4. Social work letter
    All I gotta do is take certain sociology, psychology, and/or political science classes, and I've already taken a few. Seriously considered becoming a social worker, ultimately decided against it, but still interested and this is not a difficult thing to accomplish within my major.
  5. Education minor
    I'm so interested in issues in education and I wanna be a guidance counselor so I gotta have some type of educational background. Also tbh probably not difficult at all, like social justice and diversity classes. 18 credits,
  6. Psychology minor
    This is only 15 credits of classes and I already have 4. Also I can use psych classes for the education minor and social work letter so like this is some serious double dipping. Psych is also interesting on its own anyway, and is often paired with sociology. And if I wanna be a guidance counselor, some psych is kinda important.
  7. University requirements
    Not worried about this at all, I am ahead credit-wise, my GPA is good, I have one more gen ed to finish and I am enrolled in a class that will fulfill it. Still, figured it was worth mentioning
  8. Plus other goals that aren't academic related so aren't in this list but may be in a future list!
    Like there's a job I really want and I find out soon if I got an interview