1. Odyssey
    This was a combined social studies/ English class that I took my junior year of high school. Words cannot describe this class. We accomplished things I never knew were possible. Also, the reason that saved me from suicide. I still think about this class on a daily basis.
  2. Sociology of the family
    I took this spring semester last year and it was really interesting! My TA was super cool too. This class is why I decided to be a sociology major!
  3. Freshman English
    Freshman year of high school. Made some friends (who I don't think I really talked to after that class). We did this really incredible project where we recreated Romeo and Juliet in a hospital setting and I was Romeo and I drank the poison Kool Aid and our teacher gave us an A++ and said it was the best project he had ever seen. He was amazing too.
  4. Cultural revolutions
    My English class for senior year of high school. I wanted this to be odyssey 2.0 but it didn't quite live up to that. Still watched some cool movies and learned a lot. My teacher was a really incredible woman who I still love to talk to.
  5. AP statistics
    I'm surprisingly a math person and statistics is really really interesting to me. Also my teacher was amazing.
  6. TV production
    I took this during my senior slide semester but I actually made some really cool projects that I was proud of and learned a lot.
  7. Culture society and people
    OMG what a way to transition into college. This was the biggest joke class I have ever taken in my life. Which made it fun and relaxing.
  8. French
    Foreign language classes stress me out but I had an awesome middle school french teacher. And then my friends and I had way too much fun in high school. And now I'm picking it back up four years later and I don't love it, but I really appreciate the grad student teaching the class
  9. Enriched algebra
    I like math, but I also enjoyed this class because it was a shit show. Also because I was one of those people who liked to brag that i was in an accelerated math program
  10. Biology
    One of my best friends at the time was in that class and we had a lot of fun. Also I think I had a crush on the teacher because she was funny and also reminded me of myself?
  11. Creative writing
    Idk my teacher was just really great and I was suicidal at the time yet still made it to this class at 7:45am
  12. Freshman health
    Idk health class is always a good time and my teacher tried really really hard to reach out to me and even brought cupcakes for my birthday so...
  13. 20th century history
    I love love love 20th century history to the point that I thought I was going to be a history major (LMAO). Like idk why it is so fascinating. My teacher was so so sweet and he gave me really good feedback on my research paper and I still keep his comments in mind whenever I write papers.
  14. Democracy and media literacy
    Media is so fascinating to me! Also it was such an easy class
  15. Intro psychology
    I'm currently taking this and while I do enjoy psychology, the reason I love it is because the professor should be a stand up comedian
  16. American politics
    Idk a basic class where I already knew almost everything wasn't exactly the most exciting thing. But the professor was such an amazing lecturer. And I had the nicest TA ever, who is my TA again now, and I'm so glad that this class connected me to her because she is like the nicest woman I have ever met.