Is it any surprise that all of my maroon shirts were free UMass shirts? (This doesn't even account for the free bags, pens, hats, magnets...)
  1. "Proud member of the UMass community"
    I think everyone hates this shirt. at least maroon is my favorite color
  2. Commonwealth Honors College
    One time I got an email saying that I won a raffle that I had never entered and so I went to pick out my prize and of course I would pick a t shirt!
  3. Mass Impact x2
    I've participated in this twice so far and this years shirt is exactly the same except with more sponsors :/
  4. TEDxAmherst
    This was a really cool conference!!
  5. Humanities and Fine Arts x2
    I'm not even in HFA anymore but I still got another shirt this year because I love free things
  6. Late Night at Berk
    Omg remember when they bribed us with t-shirts in order to get good reviews? And I would never wear this honestly.
  7. "When in doubt, come out"
    I would NEVER wear this shirt
  8. Not Ready for Bedtime Players
    Sometimes I would wear this to work during the summer and you could read it through the back of my uniform shirt and my supervisors would be like "... Not ready for bedtime players....?....."
  9. Sycamore
    Like I definitely miss this dorm but i hate the design of this shirt
  10. Gray UMass shirt
    Idk they were giving these away at a hockey game last year and this was probably my favorite shirt for a while since I like gray, but it fits me weird now :(
  11. Minute Mover
    I like to wear this because it shows that I am not a freshman
  12. Open House Staff
    I worked at open house today and so I got a nice maroon shirt. But there's one of those QR codes on the back and ngl that's a little weird, like why would you scan someone's back??? Also it was cold so I had to wear it outside my puffy jacket and I looked ridiculous