I really like this idea, but I didn't have the money for many birthday parties, so this is just birthday memories because why not.
  1. 19
    My hometown friends surprised me at my house by making a big poster that said happy birthday
  2. 18
    It was senior skip day, but I didn't skip. My math teacher gave me some old heart shaped lollipops from Valentine's Day. My social worker gave me a framed quote and a journal.
  3. 17
    I hated my mom's ex-boyfriend. He was a really shitty guy and they were both abusive to one another. Whenever he came over, I would just sit in my bed all day and never come out to deal with them. So you can imagine I was frustrated that my mom let him come over on my birthday. I sat in bed crying. And I was planning my suicide.
  4. 16
    I knew I wasn't getting a sweet 16, and I didn't want one anyway. I was still jealous of kids who had money. I was upset that my dad had only sent me a text saying happy birthday. Years later, I wouldn't even get that.
  5. 15
    I still have a birthday card that one of my friends made. It had pop out paper cupcakes. My health teacher brought in cupcakes for my class. She was/is important.
  6. 14
    My science teacher's birthday was the same week, and my friend and I made a cake for our project at some point during that week
  7. 13
    I think we went to laser tag but I was so embarrassed and angry
  8. 12
    In 6th grade, we took a field trip to the planetarium. I wanted everyone to know it was my birthday, so I taped a piece of paper to my shirt. My friends didn't decorate my locker. They called me names.
  9. 11
    I'm pretty sure my friends and I went to Canobie Lake Park
  10. 10
    My 4th grade teacher was fresh out of college, teaching her first class. She took a lot of pictures that year. She took pictures for everybody's birthday. I did not want my picture taken. I cried.
  11. 9
    I think I remember thinking "this is the worst birthday ever" but that's all
  12. 8
    My class went on a field trip to Boston. We walked around the city and specifically went to see the duckling statues in the public garden because we had read the book
  13. 7
    I brought in chocolate chip cookies on Popsicle sticks and they were great
  14. 6
    My birthday fell on Memorial Day and so a bunch of my classmates were going out of town. So I had to invite my entire kindergarten class in order to have a decent birthday party. The party was Tweety bird themed for some reason. My mom brought in homemade blueberry ice cream for my class because I thought how cool would it be if my mom brought in homemade ice cream. People thought the blueberry was weird. I got a pink pencil with dinosaurs on it from my PE teacher.
  15. 5
    I was obsessed with the Rugrats, so I had a cake with Lil Deville, my favorite character, on it. Honestly I'm really questioning my former self. Also these pictures are extra embarrassing because I had giant glasses
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    I was born on Memorial Day and the doctor wanted me to hurry up so that he could go to a barbecue