I'm honestly offended that Spotify doesn't have a legit playlist. My playlist isn't legit either, very quickly chosen, it's just some of the songs from my library with titles about time passing... But that's better than nothing, okay?
  1. This Year - Cooper
    The song that inspired this list because it actually works
  2. 2012 (It Ain't the End) - Jay Sean and Nicki Minaj
    I forgot this song existed but this was probably perfect for New Years in 2012
  3. Weightless - All Time Low
    "Maybe it's not my weekend, but it's gonna be my year"
  4. 100 Years- Five for Fighting
    "You've only got 100 years to live" and you just wasted another one
  5. 5 Years Time- Noah and the Whale
  6. Anything Could Happen- Ellie Goulding
    What lies ahead?
  7. This'll Be My Year- Train
  8. Year 3000- Jonas Brothers
    Idk if this isn't played New Year's Eve 2999 I'm gonna rise from my grave
  9. 1985- Bowling for Soup
    Debbie never got the memo that 30 New Years have passed since 1985
  10. 1983- Neon Trees
    Idk it just seemed fitting to put in all the songs with years as the title ok??
  11. 1901- Phoenix
    Tbh this one doesn't even work
  12. Jour 1- Louane
    Tbh this is just for the title and I wanted to throw a french song in
  13. The Future Freaks Me Out- Motion City Soundtrack
  14. So Yesterday- Hilary Duff
    omg I just wanted a Hilary duff throwback if I'm being honest
  15. This is the Future- Owl City
  16. Lifted up (1985)- Passion Pit
    "1985 was a good year"
  17. One Day- Matisyahu
  18. Seasons of Love - RENT
    "How do you measure a year?"
  19. Timelines- Motion City Soundtrack
  20. This is the New Year- A Great Big World
    New year is in the title!!!!!!