I feel kind of conceited wording it like that. Obviously nobody has to listen to my life story. But there are some people I would love to genuinely catch up with. I've actually updated a lot of people about my life. Like I have had lots of discussions with high school teachers. Although once I met up with my fourth grade teacher and it was awkward.
  1. My guidance counselor in 11th grade
    I want to tell her that I never hated her and that things are better now
  2. My guidance counselor in 12th grade
    Idk apparently he kinda dropped off the earth and even other people in the department were like ??? But I spent a lot of time in his office and a lot of time crying and after putting up with that, I feel like he should know how I turned out
  3. My best friend from 6-12th grades
    She kinda fell off the earth too and if I'm being honest she was never the greatest friend to begin with. But I mean there was never really any tension between us so I'm definitely wondering what she is up to. Especially since she is a genius and famous art prodigy, so it's gotta be interesting.
  4. My 11th grade social studies teacher
    She saved my life when I was depressed and suicidal. I have emailed her occasionally, but I would love the opportunity to meet up sometime and tell her everything I have overcome and accomplished. That she was right about my potential. And of course ask how she is doing too.
  5. My friend from like 5th grade
    Lol I wouldn't want to say a word to this girl, I would want to hear everything that she was up to. By the time I dropped her as a friend, she genuinely creeped me out. And she soon became home schooled. I wonder if she is still strange, or if she has matured since middle school.
  6. My 7th grade math teacher
    Okay once in my junior year I ran into her and randomly blurted out that I was depressed and while I question why on earth I did that, I find it weird that that must be her most recent memory of me
  7. My grandmother
    Idk I haven't seen her in a while and my most recent visits have been pretty short. I don't think I would want to delve into all the personal details of my life, but sometimes I wish I didn't have phone anxiety or I would call her up to chat and be a good grandchild. Plus she's in her nineties so idk
  8. My dad
    Okay this one isn't actually true. I don't want to talk to him. But in an ideal world, I would have a great dad and I would want him to know what's up.
  9. My "study buddy"
    In 1st grade we had 5th grade study buddies/ reading buddies /? And vice versa. I was such a wreck and I remember I think I cried every single time that we met up. I can't even imagine being the 5th grader who didn't know what to do in that situation. I wonder if she remembers me. I feel like it would be weird to shoot her a facebook message. But maybe she would be interested in hearing that I'm not (as much of) an emotional wreck and laugh about it together.
  10. Anyone who has ever wronged me
    Fuck y'all, I'm great despite you
  11. I